Our Process

1. Sourcing

You want a market advantage over your competitors – most often than not, the best candidates are already employed by them.  They are in their comfort zones and not actively looking for a new employer, nor post the resumes on internet job sites. Our consultants use our vast referral network along with an extensive review of our database as well as direct targeted recruitment.

2. Screening

Screening takes time, effort & expense – a major component in recruiting a candidate for any agency or company.   Supported by years of experience, our screening process involves personal interviewing, reference checks and our own assessment of the candidate’s true potential – and overall ability to fit into – our clients’ organisations. We will share the results of our work with you, providing you with a better understanding of the marketplace.

3. Selection

Every new candidate that is employed by a company would need to endeavor companies values and culture.  There are many degrees of method, style and operational outlook that we must consider in any placement. We not only search for detailed services, skills and experience but we ensure that every placement is the right ‘fit’ for the companies culture and values – a integral element in our selection process.

4. Negotiation

Once a candidate has been selected, there is one more vital step – Negotiating the Remuneration of Employment. We can assist you in determining the best overall offer and benefit package – both comparable to industry standards and attractive to the candidate. It is also our task to demonstrate the offer’s value to the candidate, ultimately guiding him or her through the acceptance process.  Our aim is to form an integral bond in which both client and candidate can form a trustworthy relationship.